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Miniature MW Transmitter

Here is a very simple, inexpensive and interesting project which provides lot of fun to a home experimenter or hobbyist. This simple transmitter can transmit speeches or songs within a short range.

The circuit uses only one transistor. The entire circuit can be easily assembled on a prototyping printed circuit board. After assembling all the components properly put the whole assembly in a plastic enclosure provided with a telescopic antenna. Now keep your MW radio and the transmitter on a table about one meter away from each other. Switch on the radio receiver and turn to a clear spot where no broadcasting station is present. Now switch on the transmitter and turn the gang condenser. At some position loud hissing sound will be heard from your receiver. Stop the gang condenser at this position. Speak some thing to the speaker which serves as the microphone. Now turn the radio receiver to get clear and loud sound.

The transmitter have a range of 200 meters. You can increase the range by using an external antenna and sensitive receiver at receiving end.

MW Transmitter

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