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Amateur Radio is a scientific hobby. Amateur Radio is popularly known as Ham Radio. You can establish your own radio station and talk to friends all over the world.

Ham Radio Transceiver

A ham radio operator is a radio enthusiast who by virtue of his fascination towards wireless communication technology enables himself to establish his own two way radio station and communicate around the world for sheer joy, thrill and excitement involved in successfully establishing radio contacts around the world.

According to the Indian Wireless Telegraph Rules 1978, Amateur Radio service means a service of self training communication and technical investigations carried on by amateurs, that is, persons duly authorised under these rules interested in radio techniques solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest.

Ham Radio started with Marconi. All the present wireless systems like radio, television, cell phones and other wireless communication is possible because of his amateur experiment.

The hobby can be as simple as talking on local-area repeaters with those in the same town, to building a satellite or experimenting with new forms of telecommunications. Ham Radio operators can talk to those on the other side of the earth with nothing more than a simple short wave transceiver (transmitter + receiver) and a simple dipole antenna.

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