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Ham Radio Transceiver, Transmitter, Receiver circuits

7MHz SSB Transceiver - Circuit digram and brief description of 7MHz SSB Transceiver for Hams. The circuit is designed around two numbers of MC1496. It can push around 80 Watts with IRF840 in the final. You can down load HTML version or the printer friendly word document.


Morse Code Tutor - A program (23kb) written in C++. Morse code uses dot and dash for communication. Still it is popularly used for communication is short wave bands. The Archive contains program source code and executable.


AM DSB Transmitter for Hams - circuit diagram of simple double side band suppressed carrier (DSBSC) transmitter for hams. Circuit uses crystal oscillator, crystal can be switched for multi band operation.


Antennas for Ham Transmitters - Describes how to construct various type of antenna for Ham Radio Transmitters.


600 Volt Power Supply - simple 600 Volt DC power supply. Convert 230V AC to 300V and 600V DC.


Ham Radio BFO - circuit diagram of beat frequency oscillator using BF494 and how to listen amateur radio communication on ordinary BC receiver.


Miniature MW Transmitter - circuit diagram of simple medium wave transmitter using BF494B. This simple transmitter have a range of 200 meters.


807 and 1625 Valves - data on vacuum tubes 807 and 1625 used in ham radio transmitters. Describes various pin voltages and different operation modes.


FM Wireless Mike - low power frequency modulated transmitter using two transistors. The circuit works with 9v power supply.


60 Watt RF Amplifier - Soild state RF power amplifier using IRF840. Simple and easy to construct. IRF840 can handle a maximum power output of 125 Watts.


Simple RF Power Meter - simple RF power meter cum dummy load for low power transmitters.


Touch CPO - touch operated code practice oscillator using popular timer IC555. Practice Morse code in a different way.


Modulation Monitor - very simple and useful circuit used to monitor on air transmission of your low power amplitude modulated transmitter.


Cheap Crystal filter - Ladder filter using six 4.43MHz Crystals. Building cheap side band filter for your bome brew SSB Rig.


RF Dummy Load - make this simple RF Dummy Load for off-air testing of your radio transmitter.


Mosquito Repellant - very simple and easy to assemble mosquito repellant using two transistors and handy components.


Ceramic Filter BFO - Receive SSB and CW transmissions on your BC receiver. Simple BFO is build around 455 KHz Ceramic Filter.


SSB ADAPTOR - Build this simple adaptor to receive single side band SSB on short wave AM receivers.


QRP Keyer - very simple keyer circuit using only one transistor.


Designing RF Probe - make your self simple and heighly useful RF probe. An essential tool for every home brewer.


Shorty Forty Antenna - Do you have space limitaion to put a 40 meter dipole. Try this Compact 40 meter antenna.

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