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Building Ham Radio Station

After getting licence you need to setup your Ham Radio Station. A Ham Radio station consists of a receiver and a transmitter. Ordinary broadcast receiver can be used to receive Ham Radio communication. You can use broadcast receiver along with a transmitter or a Transceiver (Receiver and Transmitter on single box, with same tuning).

You have several options to setup a Ham Radio station. If you are good in or interested in assembling electronics circuits, you can assemble ham radio rig your self or get it assembled by some one. You can check with the junk market, if you are lucky you can get transceiver in good condition at very low cost. If you have enough money and want to operate sophisticated rig, can import a commercial rig.

In India most of the hams use assembled ( Home Brewed ) rigs. I am using a home brewed SSB Transceiver for 40 meter band. I am having the circuit and a brief description in HTML format. See the Ham Radio Circuit section for Down loading circuit diagram of 7 MHz SSB Transceiver and lot more useful circuits for Hams.

Assembling an AM Transceiver will cost nearly Rs: 1000/-. If you are good in Home Brewing you can go for a SSB Transceiver which costs nearly Rs: 2000/-. If you are lucky you can get transceivers in working condition from Junk market.

If you can't setup Ham Radio station yourself, there are Hams who can assemble the rig for you. They charge nearly Rs: 2500/- for AM Transceiver ( Receiver and Transmitter on single box. Transmitter using IRF830 in final and BD139 drive. Approximate RF power output 30 Watts.)

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