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Listening to Ham Radio

A range of frequencies in various bands are allotted for Ham Radio operation. Hams communicate on these frequencies. Communication between ham radio operators are popularly refered as QSO.

Usual Amateur Radio communication involves exchange of reception report, personal details, technical discussion, experiments, information on ham radio etc..

Reception reports are exchanged in RST (readability, Strength, Tone) system. Readability in the range 1 to 5. The value of 5 means excellent readability. The signal strength and tone in the range 1 to 9. The report of 59 means readable (excellent) and very strong signal. Tone is only used for CW (morse code). The reception report 599 means strong CW signal with excellent Readability and Tone.

You can listen to Ham communications on any ordinary radio receiver. Turn your radio receiver to any of the popular Ham Band. For example turn receiver to 40m Band. 40 meter ham band is from 7.0 MHz to 7.1 MHz.

On most radio receiver 40 meter band is on Short Wave 1 (SW1). You can listen to many ham stations on morning and evening hours. For 40 meter operation many of the hams are using ordinary radio receiver. I used Philips DL384 a 3 band Broadcast Receiver. An external antenna will help in receiving weak stations clearly

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