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Digital Modes

Ham radio operators communicate using voice as well as Morse Code, but computer to computer on-the-air communication is also popular among hams. Hams have their own wireless BBS (Bulletin Board Service) and E-mail system in which a ham from any part of the world can get access to another ham's computer and exchange information on-the-air.

Hams also obtain their own Orbital Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR). Some satellites have Robots which will respond to the call and reply back and some work as repeater. Hams can exchange pictures on-the-air through Slow Scan Television (SSTV) or Fast Scan Television (FSTV).

There are different modes of on-the-air computer to computer communication. Radio Teletype (RTTY) is used for transferring text messages. Packet Radio, Amateur Teleprinting Over Radio (AMTOR), Packet Teleprinting Over Radio (PACTOR) can even transmit data or files.

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