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Using Email

Email and Mailing List can be used for effective site promotion. All Internet Marketers use email to some extent. The successful ones use it a lot and are very effective with it. The most successful marketers use email to drive traffic back to their sites over and over. A marketing website just isn't complete without an email sign up form. Hear are some ways that you can use email to promot your website.

Signature - this a small piece of text attached to end of all out going mails. You may notice when you receive a mail from web based email accounts like yahoo or hotmail there is some text attached at the end of message. This is once of the best and cool site promotion you can do. You can promot your own site, an affiliate program, your ezine, your own product or service, or anything else that is important to you. It should reside at the bottom of every email that you send.

The PS - This is one of the most read sections of any letter. Use it to your advantage. Always include a good reason for the recipient to want to click on your link.

Mailing List - startng a mailing list on your site is best way to keep in touch with coustomers. Offer free news letters to vsitors. The key in the sucess of news letter is to keep providing top quality content. Once the readers come to know and trust you, they will recommend your site for others.

Auto-responders - when you receive a mail from customers, auto responder will send properly prepared well written email to the sender. This is very useful to provide some information like prce list etc to customers. This method have the advantage that you get email address of people who are interested in the program.

Your Email Address - Your email address itself can do a lot in promoting your web site an online business. If you are using the address that you got from your ISP, or worse yet a free address (eg: you@yahoo.com or you@hotmail.com) will not impress others. So get your email address at your own domain name like you@yourdomain.com or webmaster@yourdomain.com.

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