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Using META Tags

Meta Tags are used on web pages to provide useful information search engines to index the page. Meta tags are placed within HEAD tag of the web page. Many search engine use meta tag to index the pags. By using optimized meta tags you can get high search engine ranking.

Meta-tags can also be an important piece of your promotional plan. The idea is to use words and phrases here that will "match" what people are searching the net for and also provide a handy way for search engines to summarize your pages.

The meta-tags go in between the section of your page's source code. And the idea is to fill these tags with keywords applicable to your site. Please note that some engines will penalize your for repeating a word or phrase too many times (generally 6 or more times counts as "spamming").

Description tag: the description META Tag is used by Alta Vista, HotBot, InfoSeek and Web Crawler as the description text for your listing. Always pay attention to the length of the description when you enter it. Most search engines accept descriptions up to 30 words, which is why you should write a description of the most down-to-earth details of your page, but not exceeding 30 words. However, if you do exceed this limit, your description will not be erased, only shortened. Ideally, the Description META Tag should contain five to fifteen words but not exceed 1000 characters. Be as descriptive as possible within these constraints. To boost your relevancy, use your keywords, always ensuring that your description remains readable.

Keywords tag: place the targeted keyword or phrase in the keywords tag. Add the plural form of the keyword, use the keyword in a phrase. Keep your keywords tag to eight words or less. Do NOT create a long list of keywords.

Robots tag: the robots tag can specify whether or not to index this page and also to index pages linked to this one. Always use the content="index,follow" tag.

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