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7 MHz SSB Transceiver

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Proper antenna is essential for good reception and transmission. Horizontal dipole and Inverted ‘V’ antenna are popular among hams. I am using horizontal dipole antenna. Horizontal dipole is considered to be a fundamental antenna. Inverted ‘V’ is a variation of dipole with its center position raised. For inverted ‘V’ the angle at the center between the two halves should be between 90 degree to 120 degree for better results. Impedance of horizontal dipole is 70 ohms and a coaxial cable with impedance of 73 ohms like RG59 can be used. The impedance of inverted ‘V’ is around 50 ohms and a coaxial cable with impedance of 50 ohms like RG58 or RG8 can be used. The length of the dipole is half the wavelength. Any thick copper wire can be used. Cut the wire at the center and connect suitable coaxial cable at the center. For 7.05 MHz the length can be calculated as follows.

Length = 468 / F (in MHz)

= 468 / 7.05 = 66.38 feet

Length = 464 / F (in MHz)

= 464 / 7.05 = 65.81 feet

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