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7 MHz SSB Transceiver

7 MHz Transceiver Advice for beginers Winding Coils Test Equipments
Power Supply Variable Frequency Oscillator Carrier Oscillator Audio Amplifier
Mic Amplifier Receiver Front End MC1496 Ladder filter
IF Amplifier Linear Amplifier Power Amplifier Block Diagram
Circuit - Part 1 Circuit - Part 2 Antenna Conclusion


The circuit is for 40 meter band. It can be modified for other bands by making suitable changes in the receiver band pass filter, transmit band pass filter and VFO. I had used 4.43 MHz ladder filter. If you want to use 9 MHz crystal filter or any other filter you need to change IF amplifier frequency, carrier oscillator and VFO. For multi band operation you need to switch VFO and both transmit and receive band pass filters. So go ahead and enjoy home brewing.

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