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7 MHz SSB Transceiver

7 MHz Transceiver Advice for beginers Winding Coils Test Equipments
Power Supply Variable Frequency Oscillator Carrier Oscillator Audio Amplifier
Mic Amplifier Receiver Front End MC1496 Ladder filter
IF Amplifier Linear Amplifier Power Amplifier Block Diagram
Circuit - Part 1 Circuit - Part 2 Antenna Conclusion


Most of the coils used are wound on balun core. They can work up to VHF range, normally used in TV boosters. A single balun core can handle up to 10 Watts. Band pass coils and coils used in IF amplifiers are wound on IFT former. Wind both primary and secondary in the same direction. If the start end of the primary is cold end, the start end of the secondary should also be a cold end.

Winding rf coils

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