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7 MHz SSB Transceiver

7 MHz Transceiver Advice for beginers Winding Coils Test Equipments
Power Supply Variable Frequency Oscillator Carrier Oscillator Audio Amplifier
Mic Amplifier Receiver Front End MC1496 Ladder filter
IF Amplifier Linear Amplifier Power Amplifier Block Diagram
Circuit - Part 1 Circuit - Part 2 Antenna Conclusion

Advice for Beginers

Before you start heating your soldering iron, here is some advice for beginners.

Avoid dry soldering - Many of the problems with unsuccessful project are dry soldering. Dry soldering is due to dirt in soldering surface. Clean legs of the component and pcb surface before soldering. Use good quality soldering paste and lead.

Before placing components - confirms the value of resistance, legs of transistors, pin configuration of IC, etc

Assemble stage by stage - Never put all the components in the board expecting it will work perfectly when you switch on. It is highly recommended to follow some divide and conquer method. Divide your project into small modules that can be easily assembled and tested. Test each module thoroughly before going for next stage.

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