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7 MHz SSB Transceiver

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The linear amplifier consists of 2N2222, SL100 and BD139. Heat sink should be provided for SL100 and BD139. All coils are wound on balun core. Some of the DC voltages measured are given below. These voltages are measured with out any input using digital multimeter.

*DC Emitter Base Collector
2N2222A 2.79 V 4.43 V 9.54 V
SL100B 1.078 V 1.69 V 12.05 V
BD139 7.5 mV 0.67 V 12.01 V

Some of the RF voltages measured are given below. For measuring RF voltages, I had connected a crystal oscillator to input of the linear. These voltages are measured using digital multimeter and RF probe.

*RF Emitter Base Collector
2N2222A 0.44 V 2.3 V 0.82 V
SL100B 0.76 V 0.78 V 4.87 V
BD139 0.55 V 1.3 V 23.0 V

Linear Amplifier used in 7MHz SSB Ham Radio Transceiver using 2N2222A, SL100B and BD139.

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